Why I am blogging?

Posted: 10/12/2009 in Uncategorized

To be sincere that I have to.. I have to create and have a blog because I’m starting my internet business… Whoaa… Wish me luck ya! It was inspired by what RasullAllah SAW said that 9/10 of our rezeki comes from business.

I am an ordinary staff, working with a GLC company, having a big dream of my future. Realizing of my current salary isn’t enough for future saving, I’ve brainstormed myself to start a business. Just a small business as a beginning.

Besides, after sometimes doing bloghopping, experimenting with others’ ideas, maybe its time for me to share my idea and experience to all which i think still not so significant compared to others.

Uhh, still not satisfied with my English – i’m improving.


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