attending tuition or self-study?

Posted: 15/12/2009 in Uncategorized

Its time for me to get back to school – my SPMhood ambition – ACCA!

Been a while not using this hand to write. Seems like my handwriting have changed. Actually I just opted to not attending Dec 2009 exam session due some reason. But most of my time of not studying during this period was occupied by office over-workloaded. Shorthanded of staff, new management, business plan, interim audit, tax comp, bla bla bla.. as usual as other accounts staff do when the year end coming. Its part of my experience accumulating and happy with it ūüôā

Back to what I always dreamed on – to be called ‘Qualified Accountant’ until my hubby said “Easy.. just go to JPN, change your name to Akauntan Binti (my fatherla)..” Cesh!

After ‘honeymoon-ing’ for one sitting, now get back to school. Planning to sit for P3 Business Analysis this coming Jun 2010 sitting. Trust that myself wont be able to attend any class, I have decided to self-study, have my own flexi time but with super-high-self-dicipline. Huahaha! After 2 chapters reading the notes/textbook, uwaaa… I need class!

 So began the quest of tuition provider which must come with my strict criteria Рlocation, the timetable, the fees. I have familiar with few tuition providers in KL РMcOrange, Kasturi, PAAC. Called them and these are the timetables and fees for coming Jun 2010 sitting.


PAAC     (they promised to email me the timetable, I will attach here once received)

McOrange (still trying to upload the scan copy of timetable)

Here are their telephone numbers, for any further inquiries may be:

Kasturi  03-2032 3001

PAAC  03-2694 6606

McOrange  03-20322722

UiTM Shah Alam  03-5544 4802


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