hi, i’m back!

Posted: 23/06/2010 in Uncategorized

Salam.. its been half a year not updating this blog.. huhu

Any update about me?

Nothing much but Alhamdulillah, there is progress in my life, eventhough still got some hiccups here and there, well… this is life! People are not perfect.. just forgive them and pray for good sake..

I am soon-to-be-chartered-accountant but the MIA decision not final yet. I have submitted my application to be MIA member and insyaAllah, the result will be out soon, in July.

How can I qualify to be MIA member?
Just a simple requirement. A degree in Accounting from recognized universities plus three (3) years working experience. I should be applying for this membership years ago, unfortunately my working experience in a single company has not exceed 3 years – therefore I need more than one testimonial to complete the application form. For further info, details, application form download, please visit http://www.mia.org.my

Next, is my ACCA..
Alhamdulillah, I have sat for P3 Business Analysis exam last week. My chosen tuition provider was http://www.kaplanaccaonline.com with the fee of S$250. Actual fee was S$500 but since it was new so they offered for half price. It was online tuition where we could hear the virtual lecturer delivering the lecturer through video recording. Got online textbook where we do not need to bring the thick-textbook everywhere, interim & final assessment and quizes. Plus audio recording which we might downloaded to our iPod.

Moving on… for next sitting I am planning to seat for 2 papers, maybe P1 Professional Accountant & P6 Advanced Taxation, depending on my P3 result coming this August.. phewww…!
For P1 it might be a self-study as its my second attemp and for P6 I have decided to join Kasturi College (PJ campus) and the class will start on 5th July, every Monday, insyaAllah…

to be continued later….



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