Farah is going to school

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My Farah turns 5 next year, and myself turns 30 next year…. considered young?? hmmm

Something has alarmed me to make a search on preschool plus mr hubby looks interested on the outcomes; the criteria of searched school.

Firstly, let me tell u the criteria that I am looking for; if possible it must big so Farah has plenty of space to play around, has Islamic study, day care services, and plus any add-on syllabus (taekwando, hafazan, etc)

After few hours done a research, plus some info received earlier, followings are the summary of pre-school that I found. Oh ya… as I am staying in Section 7, Shah Alam, so my search is limited to Section 7 Shah Alam and the nearby area.

1/ Nuh’s Ark Islamic Montessori School

2A Jalan Jasper 7/15,
Sek 7, Shah Alam,
40000 Selangor.
Tel: 03-5126 3249 (the school) or 019-2881246 (Madam Ladyana Zoraya)

The fees :

– Regular Programme (8:30am to 11:30am)
RM 912.00 Registration (for 1 year)
School fees RM 860 every Term (Term 1 – January 1) (Term 2 – March 20) (Term 3 – June 1 ) (Term 4 – September 1)

-Smart Programme (8:30am to 2:45 pm)
RM912.00 Registration (for 1 year)
Monthly fees – RM 470.00 monthly from January to November payable every 1st of the month.

1. Exercises of Practical Life
2. Sensorial Education
3. Language – All medium of instruction is in English
4. Mathematics
5. Cultural Subjects – Biology, Geography, History and Science
6. Islamic – Solat and Wud’hu, Seerah, Akhlaq, Ibadah, Aqeedah, Qur’an Reading (Iqra) Hafazan
7. Physical Education
8. Music and Movement
9. Swimming, gymnastics, aerobics, skills and nature (additional in Smart Program)
(source: email from Madam Ladyana nuhsark_salam@hotmail.com)

2/ REAL Kids

The fees:

Registration fee RM 1,439.00 (inclusive January fee, uniform, books)
Monthly fee RM 280
Daycare service RM 300/month
Transportation RM 50/month

Class hour: 8.00am to 12.00pm, and schools opens as early as 7.30am for parents who has to leave earlier.

For daycare service, the school does not encourage parents to pick up their children later than 6.30pm as the day is getting dark.

For 2011 school session, the registration has open now which you may have to pay booking fee of RM 300.00, but you are entitle for early bid discount RM 150.00.

Please note that the info above is what I obtained from Shah Alam center. Other centers may differ.

3/ Little Caliphs

The fees:
(as per centre Tadika Anak Bestari Platinum, Section 7, Shah Alam.. different center may have difference fee structure)

Registration fee RM 800++
Monthly fee RM 210.00
Daycare services RM 150.00
Overtime RM 7.00/hour after 6.30pm

4/ Smart Reader

For Section 7, Shah Alam 03-5512 7757

The fees :

Registration fee RM 1,100.00 (inclusive uniform, sport, concert, insurance, books, fee for Jan’2011 & Dec’2011
Monthly fee RM 270.00
Class hour 8.30am to 12.30pm
Daycare service No
Transportation Can be arranged to your chosen nursery, for Platinum area RM20/month (charge may differ depends to the nursery area)

  1. Mommy Kam says:

    hye there! thanks for your info! My son turns 3 next year so I was thinking of sending him to kindy/play school so he could socialize more. So which of the school did you decide on? Anyway, do u happen to know does any of the school has English medium as an option?

    • ibufarah says:

      Hi Mommy Kam,

      Thank u fr visiting my blog. I have decided & registered my daughter to REAL Kids. U may visit this website to check their centres convenient to u. http://www.realkids.edu.my/index.html. They do use English medium at school and most of my required criteria are with them.

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